Refurbishment Services

Employees spend thousands of hours in their office space. Research indicates that employees who feel good about their office environment are more productive, have greater creativity, are more efficient, and have less downtime than employees who work in offices that are poorly designed.

As more research comes to light on how powerful office conditions are on the effectiveness of employees in an office, many office managers and directors have made the decision to relocate and start with a blank office slate.

However, moving can be a costly exercise and office relocation is not only financially draining, but it can have the opposite effect than you want for your staff. Moving offices has emotional, physical and mental costs that cannot be calculated. The financial costs, when you weigh them up, really speak for themselves anyway.

If you have a drab office space, consider refurbishment services in Canberra instead of looking into a costly office move. Quality refurbishment services in Canberra will give you a new office feeling without the burden of moving offices.

Our focus

Refurbishment services in Canberra are on the cutting edge of what the world is doing with interior office design. We focus on reducing the cost per head of having a staff member on site, while freeing up space to allow employees to feel they have a greater sense of control and empowerment over their space. Creative hubs, quiet zones for focus, and inspirational aesthetics to aid creativity are our focus.

Our style

We truly listen to the needs of our customer. We take the time to discuss how your office works, and what your objective for a space is. Different designs work better for different workflows. For example, colours coupled with open spaces encourage people to move, be active and collaborate with colleagues. If you run an office where people need to feel comfortable working quietly and autonomously, this design won’t work for you. Refurbishment services in Canberra need to not only focus on being on par with the world, but on maintaining what works for you.

Refurbishment services in Canberra

Our services are designed to bring out the best in your current space. You share your business goals with us, and we will design and refurbish your space to help you achieve your goals. If you have a customer-facing space, the environment needs to guide your customers through your organisation in a way that suits you.

Call Canberra Building and Interiors and speak to one of our friendly operators about how our refurbishment services in Canberra will leave you with the new space feeling without the new space cost.

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