Commercial building interiors and fitouts


Commercial building interiors and fitouts

Workplaces are now designed according to the needs of the business and commercial fitout and refurbishment in Canberra is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ job.

At Canberra Building and Interiors, we approach each client to discover their needs and objectives. By formulating a strategy-led plan, we harness the power of design to achieve those objectives.

Should I move or do an office fitout and refurbishment?

If your office looks and feels unworkable with the modern expectations of a productive work environment, commercial fitout and refurbishment in Canberra is a more cost-effective option than moving offices. Office relocation is not only financially exhausting, it also places additional stress and work on the staff involved in the move.

If you’re moving to streamline processes, increase productivity, engagement or creativity, then placing the stress of a commercial move on your staff is counter-productive. If your commercial space is home to customer interactions, relocating can cause confusion for customers and reverse some of the goodwill you’ve built in your current space.

Our focus

Commercial fitout and refurbishment services in Canberra allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a new space without having to move. We approach each contract with the most innovative techniques from around the world, without ignoring the time-honoured traditional elements of a commercial space that have worked well for many of our clients.

We work with the goal of reducing the costs of having an in-house team on-site every day, while opening up other work zones that allow employees to take control of their space. When employees are given the choice of work environments to choose from in order to suit the work they need to do, statistics show that work not only increases, but improves.

Our style

We truly listen to the needs of our clients. We take the time to discuss how you work, and what your objective is with your commercial fitout and refurbishment in Canberra. If you want workers to move through a space, then building open zones with staircases is an effective way to get people moving. If you want people to feel comfortable and quiet, take inspiration from our homes.

For all your commercial fitout and refurbishment, call Canberra Building and Interiors to discuss how our fitout and refurbishment services can offer you a fresh, new space, without the cost of moving offices.

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