Building design services

Canberra Building and Interiors have a passion for building. We offer a unique end-to-end solution that involves conceptualising, designing through to construction for all types of building design in Canberra.

Our services focus on beautiful architecture, functional spaces, sustainable working and living, and creating environments that lift people’s spirits and performances.

New building and extensions

Our construction team can help you conceptualise your new property, design it to your liking and construct anything from internal renovations and refurbishments to major construction services, including entirely new buildings. Our designs are unique, tailored to suit our clients, and are designed for the client’s needs. Our building design in Canberra is a service that is bespoke as a statement.

Green design

Green design isn’t just about tipping your hat to the environment. Green building design services in Canberra will focus on having your building reflect true cost savings through sustainable design. We take environmental efficiencies into account to reduce the long-term (and short-term) costs of your build.

Project management

Perhaps one the most important elements of our workflow, Canberra Building and Interiors can take over the project management of your building design in Canberra. We organise everything from tendering to on-site supervision. We have the expertise and skill to project manage your building design project without you having to step out of your skill or comfort zone.

Our workflow

We specialise in all steps of the process for building design in Canberra. We collaborate and work in partnership with our clients, so our workflows are constantly changing. Here is a summary of how we typically operate:

  • Communicate: we take the time to understand your objectives for your building design in Canberra
  • Sketch: we provide a design to make sure we can meet your objectives within your budget and timeframe
  • Design: we design and document to meet the requirements of local authorities
  • Full specifications: everything, in one document, from fittings to fixtures, hoses to electrical outlets
  • Project management: we engage consultants, liaise with regulatory authorities, consult with engineers, assessors, and every other specialist required for your building design in Canberra
  • Contract administration: we don’t go away, we’re there to help throughout construction

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